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The Cryptid Hunters Edition of Not It! is a game-in-a-dice-tower party game that requires quick decision making as players try to get rid of all of the cards in their hand by playing them based on what comes out of the dice tower.

On their turn, players will act as the Scout seeking to drive cryptid creatures out of the woods and into the open by launching three unique dice through the dice tower. In fast-action fashion, the other players must lay a card from their hand that does NOT match the face of any of the dice. The last player to do so must take his card back into his hand. And if the Scout spots any cards that DO match the dice he gets to claim that card as a trophy and the player who laid it must take a penalty card. The first player to play of their cards will end the game and then players will tally their scores. Trophy cards are worth 1 point, and any cards left in their hand are worth negative points. The best cryptid hunter wins!

Not It: The Cryptid Hunters Edition Dice Tower

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